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Adventure Activities

providing adventure activities is not just about delivering a thrilling experience but also ensuring the safety and satisfaction of customers. By offering well-organized, safe, and memorable adventures, we built a successful and sustainable adventure activity business.

Paragliding in the Mountains


Rohtang pass - 3500/-

Majach village - 3000/-

Dobhi village - 3000/- 

rates as per person

River Rafting

Babeli village - 500/-

Koksar village - 700/-

rates as per person

Rafting Team
Image by Anthony DELANOIX
Image by Anthony DELANOIX

Zip line / River crossing

Majach village - 500/-

Sissu village - 500/-

rates as per person

Helicopter Ride 

Manali to Rohtang 25min ride

7000/- per person

Image by Anthony DELANOIX
Sauna with View

Organic Sauna bath with forest view 

Old manali 

700/- per person

Natural Hot Spring Water Private Pool

Klath village 

1500/- per hour up to 4pax

Pool Water Fountain
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